South Lantau

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong. It has an area of 144 square kilometres of which 78.4 square kilometres has been designated as country park.

The two peaks, Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan) and Sunset Peak (Tai Tun Shan), are hikers’ favourite hiking places. Lantau Paek, 934m high, is the second highest peak in Hong Kong. Hikers love to climb up the peak at night and wait for sunrise at the peak. It is best for visitors to spend a night at accommodation at Ngong Ping and arrive at the peak before dawn. The trail is rocky. Visitors are advised to bring flashlights.

Sunrise Peak is the second highest peak on Lantau. There is a trail starting from the back of Nam Shan going west pass the control point of Nam Shan Country Park and reaching the 869m high crest. On the way to the peak, visitors can see Pui O, Cheung Sha, Shek Kwu Chau and the Soko Islands. From the peak, you can find Hong Kong Island lying in the far distance.

There are many beautiful beaches in South Lantau as well. Water sports lovers crowd the beaches in summer. The 6 kilometres long coastline is formed by Pui O Beach, Cheung Sha Beach and Tong Fuk Beach. Right opposite to these beaches is Soko Islands.

South Lantau Journey
Lantau Trial Stage 1

From Mui Wo, walk up the gentle, acacia-lined South Lantau Road to Nam Shan. Difficulty: ★

Lantau Trial Stage 2

Walk through the tree plantation at Nam Shan and climb up Lantau's second highest mountain, Sunset Peak (869 m). Then down to Pak Kung Au. Difficulty: ★★★

Lantau Trial Stage 3

Another challenging and difficult stage runs across Lantau Peak (934m), the highest mountain on Lantau Island. Walking under extreme or the prevalent foggy conditions can be dangerous especially for inexperienced hikers. Difficulty: ★★★

Lantau Trial Stage 4

Starting from Ngong Ping Road to Shum Wat Road. Difficulty: ★★

Lantau Trial Stage 5

The mountain track from Shum Wat Road to Man Cheung Po passes through Keung Shan and Ling Wui Shan.Difficulty: ★★

Lantau Trial Stage 6

From Man Cheung Po to Nam Tung in Tai O. Travelers can enjoy a command of view of the scenic Tai O Fishing Village. Difficulty: ★★

Lantau Trial Stage 7

From Nam Chung in Tai O, walk along the coastal footpath, via Yi O, Tsin Yue Wan and Fan Lau, to Kau Ling Chung. Difficulty: ★★★

Lantau Trial Stage 8

Starting from the campsites at Kau Ling Chung and Tai Long Wan, then walk along the catchwater path to Shek Pik Reservoir. Difficulty: ★★

Lantau Trial Stage 9

Walk eastward along the Shek Pik Dam, pass Tung Wan, Shek Lam Chau, Lo Wei Wan and arrice at Shui Hau. Difficulty: ★

Lantau Trial Stage 10

From Shui Hau, walk to the catchwater path, and then to Tung Chung Road. Difficulty: ★

Lantau Trial Stage 11

Continue east from Tung Chung Road along the catchwater path to Pui O. Difficulty: ★

Lantau Trial Stage 12

From Pui O, walk along the Chi Ma Wan Road to Shap Long Kau Tsuen, then turn north onto a footpath. Return to Mui Wo via coastal path. Difficulty: ★★